Formed in 2013 ‘The Atomwaffen Division’ is a Revolutionary National Socialist organization centered around political activism and the practice of an autonomous Fascist lifestyle. As an ideological band of comrades, we perform both activism and militant training (hand to hand , arms training, and etc.). We spread awareness in the real world through unconventional means (and it has worked). We often go hunting, adventuring, and a group favorite is urban exploring. We have various specialists in the group ranging from many occupations. [keyboard warriorism is nothing to do with what we are or what we do.] Joining us means serious dedication not only to the Atomwaffen Division and its members, but to the goal of ultimate uncompromising victory. With this means only those willing to get out on the streets, in the woods, or where ever we maybe in the world and work together in the physical realm. As it must be emphasized: no keyboard warriorism, (we do however have some among us who have adept programming or hacking skills) if you don’t want to meet up and get things done: don’t bother.